Graphics card for inspiron 530s

I need to replace my graphics card. We play World of Warcraft and would like one for the best gaming experience possible. Unfortunately I had no idea there were different types of computers for gamers when I purchased this one 2 years ago. Now the built in card is outdated and not powerful enough. I understand I should only go up to a 512mb and it has to be slim with a half size bracket. Any suggestions? I dont even know where to start...
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  1. Here is a good deal, half height, comes with needed bracket.
    Not bad performance for low psu's and low price

    The price goes up after today to regular price.
  2. Great deal today on this:
    It's a descent gaming card, certainly way better than your current IGP.

    I would reccoment this one, it's considerably faster + you get Dx 11. (

    That's probably as good a card as your power supply can handle and even it is questionable.
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