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I recently purchased a new motherboard (M5A78L) and everything with the installation went smoothly until i came to the f panel and the connectors. Reading through the manual I noticed there was supposed to be 5 notches on the top of the panel and 4 on the bottom, but what i ended up getting is reversed (4 on top, 5 on the bottom). I tried inverting the connectors with no luck (pc won't even start). This being my first motherboard installation i'm unsure what to do from here, any help would be greatly appretiated.
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  1. What "notches" are you talking about? Are you refering to the pins on the motherboard that the FP wiring plugs into?
  2. Sorry for the confusion, what I'm saying is that the f panel pins on the motherboard don't correspond with the setup it shows in the manual. I end up with an extra pin on the bottom row and only one pin for the powersw cord(top row) instead of the 2 it requires.
  3. Maybe you are looking at the board upside down. I just looked at the manual for your board, and I see no issues. If this is your board: the pinout on page 1-26 shows exactly where the FP wiring goes. What make/model of case's FP wiring are you trying to connect to the board?

    The pinout actually shows a connector with 10 pins on top and 10 pins below those for a total of 20 pins. Are you looking at the correct connector on the board?
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