New gaming rig, looking for opinions.

Hey everyone, this is my first thread here but I have been a browser for quite some time.
My objective with this new rig is to be able to run games that I already have at 100%, with no worries. (With my current set up I am struggling in almost every game to run on high settings.. And I like high settings!)
The main game and reason for this new rig is Starcraft 2. I want to be able to run this game on high settings with no slow-down whatsoever. When I go on youtube and watch someone who is casting a 3v3 and their computer is running beautifully (not to mention they are also frapsing it) it makes me super jealous.
With my current rig even in 1v1's it will stutter when there are two army's clashing together.
This is not my first time building a machine, my current rig was put together from parts I purchased off of newegg over 2 years ago. I do get some help from a friend when it comes to the actual assembly, but for the most part I know the basics.
So I have put together what appears to me to be a pretty awesome machine. What I am looking for are opinions on it, maybe some suggestions for alternate parts? Sometimes I also get confused on what parts fit with each other, so it helps to get some tips from you pros. :)

Here is what I have gathered:

GPU: (I actually already have a pretty new graphics card that I will be using, the GeForce GTX 460)

I haven't decided on a case yet, the one I have isn't great so ideally I would like to get a nice one with really good airflow, and probably one that comes with an ample PSU. Any suggestions?
And one more thing.. This is already rapidly approaching the $1,000 mark, and while that is fine if it's what I must pay for what I am looking for. But if there are any tips for maybe a cheaper route on some of these parts, I would really appreciate it. Maybe I don't need this much power for SC2? That's debatable I suppose, but it's also a huge plus to be future-proofing my machine for games later this year.

Thanks so much for your time guys, and I look forward to reading your responses!
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  1. +1 for mosox's build. :)
  2. Wow thanks guys!
    I really like the suggestions.
    This one looked good because of the price:

    But mosox's build looks really nice too.. Would I be better off going with that? Was trying to find the differences between the two.

    Thanks again everyone!
  3. Moxos build has a better PSU but does not have the combo discount but a good build though.
  4. Alright, awesome!

    I think Mosox's build looks like it will work best for what I'm looking for.
    I just need to add on windows 7, and 64 bit should be best right?
    And will just 4 gigs of RAM be fine? I can always add more later I suppose.

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