Realtek AC 97 sound card dissapeared

Hello everyone this is my first forum post and i could use your help if you'd like 2 help me :)
So this weekend I've been playing with some ubuntus on my pc and yesterday i came back to Windows 7
I did the same things I do at every install but this time i can't install my Realtek driver. Windows Security comes up and tells me it's an untrusted source and even though I click on "Install anyway" it keeps showing up. Then I looked up in my Device Manager and saw that I only have one sound device called "High Definition Audio Device". I think thats just the sound control that Windows has, so where is my sound card? I can't seem to find out. One more thing: in my Device Manager I now have a device called Unknown Device. Could it be the sound device? If it is then why won't my pc recognise it anymore? Please help and tell me if I can give more details 2 make things clear. This is all I know so far. :D
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  1. Thanks but I already found a solution. I found a program called Driver Genius that seems to detect my Realtek audio driver. I updated it and all my other out of date drivers and now it's running smooth :D
  2. best go to your motherboard manufacturer and get there version of the realtek audio.
    even though guru 3d is a trusted supplier of drivers your mobo manufacturer may have a different version.

    driver genius is crap as all the other driver auto updater's.
    for instance my motherboard is up to 2.58 and have no issues with em. with win7 64bit.
  3. Quote:
    time you read your klite codec pack help file then. wait let me do it for you

    Q:My PC completely freezes or gives a BSOD when playing a file on Windows 7 x64 with a 2.1 speaker setup

    A:This is a bug in the Realtek HD Audio driver. It only occurs on Windows 7 x64 and only when configuring audio decoders to output 2.1 audio channels.

    A known stable version of the Realtek driver that we can recommend is version 2.35.

    Good thing I got x86 not x64 :)
  4. I will remember that thx :)
  5. nothin special.. just a logitech 5.1 system :D
  6. thing is i dont use the k-lite codec pack as it causes incomparability and stability issues.
    nore do i use 2.1 audio i use 8.1 or 7.1 so its not an issue. and as the op uses 5.1 it wont affect him either...
    not every 1 is stuck with a P4 you know.
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