8800 Ultra Dead?

I started having issues with my computer when I booted SC2 yesterday. It shutdown, and gave me some message about my graphics drivers recovering. I then installed the new drivers (which I hadn't done in awhile).

This did nothing, and my issues further progressed.

I am now seeing artifacts (blue lines and dots) when I boot up games (and even when I start up my computer), and being sent to the blue screen of death stating something went wrong with my drivers. It will also flash back and forth from a black screen.

Does this sound like my graphics card is dead? Or could it be something else? I have a 850w power supply, and have never had any issues with it.

Motherboard: Nvidia 750 SLI FTW
Memory: 4GB Corsair DDR2
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  1. SC2 if you didnt do the manual patch will fry ur video card when in menus the framerate is not limited and so its constantly re-rendering the menus which causes basically a 100% gpu load and will fry it if you arent careful. Google starcraft 2 heat patch
  2. BTW if its artifacting on you would be good to turn down ur settings if you have it overclocked and let it run for a day without hard work and try tomorrow
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