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First of all, I am a computer noob. I am trying to build a computer for gaming, and have been doing alot of research lately. I've asked advice to several people I know are decent with computers, and I have an hard time choosing wich CPU to buy. My 2 choices are:

i5-2500k and i7-950

From what I have read on this forum, I would have to overclock the 2500k to release it's full potential. Even though I have never overclocked a cpu, I am willing to try if needed.

The graphic card I plan to use is the radeon hd 6950.

I also have an hard time choosing a motherboard... when I read their description, it's all chinese to me. Anything that will allow my computer to last a few years is decent enough for me.

So is it worth spending roughly an extra 60$ for the i7?

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  1. If you are building a system primarily for gaming then i'll recommend sticking to an i5 2500k build.. They are plain awesome.. And yes, they are easy to overclock also..
  2. i5-2500K
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