is newegg good?

could you tell me if it is reliable?

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  1. Most people that I've talked to have had pretty good luck with NewEgg.

    I myself ordered all the parts for my PC except the motherboard from them last August. Everything arrived quickly and properly functioning, so that was pretty good.

    You can always read through the posts at <A HREF="" target="_new">reseller ratings</A>, although understand that it is not too terribly useful - only the people who really got burned tend to post their opinions on on-line vendors.

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  2. Ja, Newegg is great.

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  3. Oh yeah. Practically built my entire computer from Very fast, shipping is more than reasonable, and newegg prices are usually some of the lowest on that site). I did have the chance to test out their customer service on returning an item, the K7S5A motherboard, which was just a bad batch of boards in my opinion. At any rate, I RMAed the board, and bought a new one. Much better than having to send countless emails, and spending 1 month trying to get a $100 credit return from I can't say enough good things about Newegg. Plus their product documentation is in my opinion the best, even get customer reviews!
  4. Building 2 comps entirely from newegg! (Except for the cases).

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  5. Newegg kicks ass. They replied to an email I sent (regarding compensation for damaged goods) within 2 hours. That's pretty amazing. Refunded $20 on my $125 Hercules GTXP because of a scratch on the top of the breakout box.

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  6. Oh yeah- XiComputer has responded to my request within 5 minutes of emailing them!

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  7. They are awesome! No problems what so ever.
  8. Newegg is awsome.

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  9. Can't be anyworse than getting salmonella from a badegg can it. Oh sorry wrong end of the stick. my bad.

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  10. not only is newegg reliable, they also have great prices. This is the place to shop.
  11. I love new egg. I do 1000$ worth of business with them every 2 months. One order they didn't ship the next day (they shipped the 2nd day after I ordered) and upgraded my shipping to 2 day (It was 3 day) to compensate the delay in shipping. Best part is I didn't even ask for this they just did it! Great Reseller!

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  12. In my humble opinion, newegg is incredible. I've ordered from them for a while now and never had a problem. Had a bad board which they replaced asap with no hassle. I'm very impressed with their prices, shipping and service. It's an online company that for me feels much more personal and on 90 % of their stuff they have the cheapest prices.

    They also do a pretty good job of describing the product you are buying through pictures, info, and product links, which is quite helpful.

    Best online store ever (comic book guy's voice)
  13. New egg has to have the greatest customer service out of any company i have ever done business with.
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