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I'm currently looking forward to purchasing a new mobile processor for my laptop, My dilemma is that I don't know if the processor itself is compatible with my current laptop.

I own a Asus G72X with a dual core processor, running windows 7.

There Dxdiag of my laptop:

The Processor I wish to add to my laptop:
Also, for the laptop would I need to do all that stuff, such as remove my keyboard because when dusting out my laptop fan with a can of dust off I managed to remove the heat sink as well, but didn't pay much attention to if there was a processor located underneath it.

Thanks ahead of time (:
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  1. You won't be able to put that new processor into your laptop since they have different sockets.
  2. Would any of these i5, or i7 processors suffice ?

    If not, where would I look to purchase processors for my laptop?
    Those that are compatible.
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    no 5 or i7 since they are a different generation of processor. The only one listed on newegg as the same socket is the T9600, but there isn't any documentation online about if it will work with your laptop. Might have to contact ASUS about it.
    But its not really worth putting that much money into for such a small gain in speed.
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