im building a new gaming rig and i thought of buying this motherboard.

is this a good motherboard for its price?? and are there any good motherboards than this for this price range?? thanx!
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  1. For that price range that is as good of an AM3 board you will find. Should work as good as any for gaming.
  2. are there any suggestions?? i mean are there any good motherboards for this price range? like from other brands??
  3. If you are just looking for similar motherboards,




    The MSI board is a little more money, however if you are planning to use multiple Graphic Cards it may be worth it. The other three boards (my other two suggestions and your original idea) if you use dual graphics cards the second can only run at x4 mode whereas on the MSI board the second cards runs at x8 mode. Other than that they are all very similar. The next step up would be to get a board with dual x16 slots, however you will have to spend more money for this.

    One other thing to consider is what memory you are using. Make sure the board you get supports whatever memory speed you are using.
  4. I recommend the Asrock 870 Extreme3 mobo. it runs 8x/8x if you plan to dual card and is fairly cheap and for the price a great mobo.
  5. The PCI-E 2 slot is only rated at x4. Here's a comparison with that and one level up, which I would recommend:|13-128-444^13-128-444-TS%2C13-128-438^13-128-438-TS
    You may want to consider this:
    If you don't have a need for 2 PCI-E x16 slots, than you could go $20-$30 cheaper with a m-atx board with similar graphics and the same audio.
  6. yeah. im going to chose the gigabyte board or the asrock 880G EXTREME 3 board! it looks better than the gigabyte board! is it better than the gigabyte board? i saw some awful user reviews on the gigabyte board!
  7. I like GB. Asus is very popular, and Asrock is a part of the Asus group. Can't go wrong with any of them. I tend to go by the looks too, keeps a system from looking like Legos, or more like them.
  8. in gaming the asrock beats the gigabyte i think as it has 3 way crossfire and quad crossfire.
    i dont know what board to chose between the asrock and the gigabyte!!! please help!! gigabyte ga 880 ga or asrock 880 g extreme 3???????
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