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I have a asus 939 motherboard and a 750 watt power supply with a gt 9500 graphics question is when I plug up aux .power to card it causes all my games to crash..when I ulplug aux, power I can plug some games butI cant play games like Bioshock and call of duty Waw...this has been going on for a while with no luck getting it fixed..any help would be great
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  1. I think nvidia 9500 gt doesn not use aux power. are u sure u have that model? what is the exact brand and model u have ?
  2. I looked on the box, but when I pulled it up in systems it said a NVidia GeForce 9600 GT...On the card itself I see EVGA with a tag says GeForce 9600 GT.....should of looked on card first ,sorry
  3. Download and run GPUz, that will tell you what card you have.
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