Core i5 2nd gen continually stalls

So I just finished putting together a new build with a core i5 sandybridge and a asus p8p67-m pro. I'm using my old psu, optical drives hdd and am adding a new sdd (ocz vertex 2). I'm also using a ddr3 kit(2x2G) of 2133 Kingston Hyper X (its approved in the motherboard guide). When I turn on the computer i get a beep, the fans turn on for about half a second, then it stalls for about 5 seconds as does it again. As its a new build and doesn't stay on, i cant access the bios or do any firmware updates.

(and yes I read the sticky) ;)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hmm, if there's just one short beep, that should mean it's starting up successfully, and then immediately powering down to prevent damage to something that is overheating (i.e. the CPU) or that there is insufficient power, possibly?

    I would double-check that your CPU's heatsink and fan are seated properly, and maybe someone else can advise on checking PSU? What is your PSU, by the way?
  2. Oh yeah, and what's your video card (or are you using a built-in on your motherboard)?
  3. Ok, So I think I was imagining the beep because when I tried it today, I saw that the speaker was broken.

    So what happens is the psu and cpu fan come on the front light power and hdd light come on for about half a second and then it powers down again.

    I took off and reattached the cpu fan and heatsink and have tried different memory slots but neither of these things made a difference. I am using the OEM fan which looks pretty bad, but I would think it wouldn't matter for just starting up.

    Oh, the Video card is a GeForce GT 240.

    While the memory I have is on the approved list, it is listed as an overclocking memory speed. Hopefully with the MemOk feature this shouldn't make a difference though.

    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Not sure what else to do...

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