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I'm looking still for a pair of headphones to replace my Bose Around-Ear Triports. I'm running them on my new Auzen X-Fi Forte card, but they still just don't have the pounding, powerful bass that I'm looking for. The best they can muster is probably a low rumble in the background, and that just isn't good enough for me.

I tried asking for general recommendations earlier for a good pair of headphones around $200 earlier, but I was really, really tired when I wrote it and it really just didn't make any sense. I've got a more specific question this time.

I've been looking, and the best thing that I can find would be the Sennheiser HD 598's - the very extreme upper limit of my price range. Are these the best headphones I can get for this price range, or would you guys suggest something different that you feel could give more accurate, powerful sound than the 598's?

Much appreciated.

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  1. And then there are the Grado SR225i's. Would anyone recommend them?...
  2. if you want extreme bass then your better off going audiophile rather than pc headsets. as most are either for gaming or chat.
    gaming headsets are pretty much tuned to a certain range so often dont have any real deep bass and when they do they have no middle or top end.
    add to that the likely hood of paying way less for better sound quality...
  3. Well according to me, gaming grade headphones are actually more bass driven whereas audiophile grade headphones care more for the mid range.. Anyway, my recommendation would be to go for the Audio Technica ATH-M50.. It is most balanced headphone i've ever listened to.. Another option is the Sennheiser HD 515 g4me which gives a very balanced output (nothing compared to audio technica though)..
  4. its down to personal choice m8. best thing to do is go to a shop that will let you try some different models. me im perfectly happy with my g930's but there pretty pants for music, they dont have a particularly good bass but do handle spacial audio very well.
    the stennheiser headset is very similar to the g930 in sound quality but your rite the technica is a very very nice piece of kit and i would have went for them myself if i didnt constantly break the wires on my headsets... (i kept rolling over the wires with my chair)
    my personal recommendation is stay away from any headset that has in cable audio adjustment, as thats where they tend to break first.

    good luck...
  5. Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80-Ohm and sometimes the price drops to $150, usually you can always find them for around $170.
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