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Geforce 7950 gx2 problems

I have two Viewsonic VA902b monitors connected to my GeForce 7950GX2. There's an annoying "square" floater in my primary monitor that won't go away. It "floats" on top of everything. Can't seem to find a solution... Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks, Glen Rice
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  1. Like an artifact?

    Confirm that its not the monitor, then replace the GPU. I'm pretty sure even the 8800GT was faster then that card, so 5670 or MAYBE the GT240 is a good idea. GTS250 or 5750 is a better gaming idea.
  2. I had already swapped the two monitors (and even went so far as to replace the VGA cables) to no avail.

    I spoke with a local technician on Monday, and he suggested loading a new NVIDIA driver. I downloaded them yesterday afternoon, and installed this morning... Home Run! The annoying "square floater" is now gone!

    Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions! And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
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    You again -_-

    It isn't an artifact but a driver bug, are you using this card for picture in picture display? The geforce7 and derivative quadro support this feature all though at had seen little use and wasn't continued since there is a few that do take advantage for graphics and video editing. It isn't a problem with the hardware but only an annoyance. Either live with it or ditch the card for something modern.
  4. Like I said on my previous post, it's working fine after loading the new driver(s). Yes, I do use the multiple displays for video editing primarily using Vegas Pro v.9 and for digital audio with Pro Tools.
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