New build: POST!, but Windows won't load

I built a new system (a couple of previous parts). First the list:

intel i-5 2500k
Stock fan
Asus P8P67 Motherboard
OCZ Fatal1ty 550W PSU
Antec Three Hundred Case
(No optical drive - old one is IDE - no IDE on this board) - purchasing new one this week.
250GB Barracuda with Win XP
640GB Caviar Blue with Win 7 x64
500GB Caviar Black (empty/new)

I got a successful POST on the first try! Thanks to Tom's guides! This is my first solo build too, so I'm very thankful.

But now Windows won't load.

When booting the computer, I get a message that says "no hard drive detected". But then it continues on, and if I do nothing I end up at a screen that says "unknown file system - grub loader" All i can do here is reboot

If I go into the BIOS it will let me choose which of the drives to boot. The 250GB was the original drive, and if i understand correctly, must have the MBR. Choosing any other drive under BIOS (EFI) runs me back to the grub loader error.

But if I do select the 250 GB drive, I have the option to boot XP or Win7. But selecting either one has the same result: The OS starts to load with its system loading screen, does that for approx 5 secs, then reboots. In XP i actually see the flash of a BSoD before it reboots. Then if I do the same thing again, I get the normal "Windows didn't load correctly..." message. But safe mode does the same thing - load for a few seconds then reboot.

FWIW, if I take the 640GB Win7 drive out of the system, I get to the option screen for XP/Win 7 without having to go through BIOS.

Am I having issues just from trying to put old HDDs in a new system? Do I have to have the SATA drives connected to certain ports or in a specific order?

Does this actually belong in the Windows forum? If so, I'd like to request a move. But I thought since this was a new system, I'd start here.

I appreciate any help I can get!
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    Aare you attempting to simply install previously used drives with other prior Windows installs, and use them in a new system with a new MB and chipset?

    Rarely will this be successful; choose the fastest drive, get you Win7 install CD, boot from CD, delete your partitions/recreate partitions, and start over.
  2. Installing a Preinstalled system from a different chipset = fail. You should have paid attention and bought a dvd drive so you could reinstall. Now you can wait for a drive, or you can put the old PC together and make a USB boot drive with Windows 7 USB tool.
  3. Ok, I obviously was not aware of the difficulties surrounding this. I have moved my main hard drive before with no issues.

    So, clear all that previous stuff away. I have a DVD drive now. I have no problem with installing Win 7 new. My only question then is: since I used a Win 7 family 3-pack to install the OS on my old HDD, will installing Win 7 on the new HDD eat another one of my product keys? If so, will there ever be a way of getting the used product key back? After all, it's not like I'll ever be using that system again...
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    n Since you replaced the motherboard and CPU you will have to re-activate the Win 7 install again, you can do this over the phone toll-free with Microsoft rep, is a KB article that shows how to obtain the correct phone number to re-activate a product that has been 'kicked out as already in use' is where you can learn more about product activation, or you can do it online with Microsoft in the activation part of install
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