Asus Xonar DS System Hangs

Hi guys. I've been browsing the forums for a bit looking for someone with my exact problem, but I found none. So, I recently purchased an Asus Xonar DS sound card and got it up and running. All the sounds work as expected and it is clear and crisp, but for some reason, my computer randomly will hang for 5-10 seconds every 5 minutes and no program will respond to keystrokes or clicks although the mouse does still move and sound continues to play. My PC never did this before I installed it yesterday (heh, it just happened as I typed that). Anyway, I don't know if it has anything to do with my motherboard settings or if it is just a driver error because I've tried everything to no avail. My motherboard's onboard sound is a Realtek HD which has been disabled in the bios and uninstalled from the OS. Drivers have been updated to the newest version, on Vista x64. Any tips would be appreciated.

Mobo - gateway RS780
processor - Phenom 945 @ 3.0ghz
ram - 4gb Crucial Ballistix Tracer ddr2
Video card - ATI 6850
OS - Vista 64 bit
Power supply - 600 watt corsair
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  1. Problem solved by a clean install of windows.
  2. Odd, might have been a conflict somewhere within the system...

    FYI, I've never had to uninstall my onboard audio device with a Xonar; they play nice together [unlike some other brands...]. Its possible something get left over during teh uninstall of the onboard driver?

    Any case, glad you got it sorted out.
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