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The computer which stores the surveillance camera data for a store I work for is broken. It has a 400W PSU and a pretty decent setup for what it does. The motherboardis a "Core-Cell" by MSI its the N1996. The graphics card is a Radeon x330 There seems to be a few problems with the boot-up:
First, it often does not turn on at all. When this happens, I re-boot the power supply with the paper-clip test and afterwords it turns on fine. When windows starts to load, I select normal start-up. However, as windows is loading start-up it freezes and sometimes shuts down (loads on splash screen then goes black and shuts down). This forces me to force turn-off the computer. When I restart into safe mode, the computer turns on fine. So this start-up problem is confusing me, any ideas?
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  1. I would get the PSU checked first followed by the Motherboard.
  2. I understand what you are saying. I thought the same myself. But that doesn't explain why safe mode works for an unlimited amount of time and regular windows doesn't. I thought that it might be the graphics card because when in safe mode the drivers are disabled but in regular they become enabled and don't work. Thanks for the response I will be sure to look into both.
  3. Bump....Please ideas anyone?
  4. If your PC is succeed boot on safe mode then i think you have driver issue (graphic card), so try re-install the driver for your x330...
  5. Well I disabled the splash screen and for a while it would just display something to the effects of : Microsoft (R) Windows (R) Version 5.1 (Build 2600 service pack 2). 2 system processors. 1028 mb memory Multiprocessor kernel.
    that goes by and this sometimes shows up: checking file system on E: the type of file system is ntfs unable to determin volume and state chkdsk aborted checking file system on c: the volume is clean windows has finished checking the disk. other times it freezes on the previous screen. ideas?
  6. Make sure all cables are properly connected, if the problem persist then you might want to re-install OS (clean install).
  7. just tried to reinstall windows. At99% the comp shut down. now when I try to redo it the comp shuts down at checking hard drive.
  8. Possible corrupt hard drive? just tried both of them they shut off when windows attempts to check them. Also their appears to be heat damage on them. Any one got suggestions on good large SATA hard drives that deal well with being on 24/7?
  9. It could be...
    Then you can try the other hard drive, if the problem solved when using new driver then you can blame your current hard drive for this trouble...
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