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I am looking at an HP Pavilion dv9000. They are known for over heating and trashing their mother boards along with any other cards in the immediate area. I don't know if this laptop has gone that far. Everything seems to work.
I installed a new WiFi card (Broadcom 802.11) but the computer does not recognize it. When reinstalling the software for this card I inadvertently loaded the wrong driver. Now the driver name is attached to the WiFi's description. The devise mangr. says it cannot start with the present driver but the "install new hardware" program won't let me put the correct driver in because of the change in the description.
Anybody have any contributions, help, incantations, spells.
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  1. Can you manually load the correct driver?
    Try removing the device while in safe mode and then restart and go into normal windows and when it goes to load drivers, manually load the corrct ones.
  2. First let me say THANK YOU for any and all responses. I have wasted 3 days with this problem, but I have a very tenacious nature and can't stop until it is figured out.
    Yes, the WiFi card worked until 2 wks ago. Tried to uninstall the devise in safe mode. The computer won't let me do that. "devise is need at boot".
    When I reboot, it says "wireless devise not found". But if I use an unknown devise program it shows up, stilled tagged as "unknown", but there.
    Anyone else. Don't be shy. I am old enough to have seen and heard some very strange stuff.
  3. After having the motherboard tested we decided it was cooked(literally). Having a new one installed per the owners instructions.
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