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8500gt has died debating replacment

well, I'm sad to say my old 3 year old 8500gt has finally given up the ghost... well not completely but if i game on it it dies after a short while..

obviously my system sucks

Asus M2V-TVN , AMD 64 3500+ socket 939 2.0GB ram, and an 8500gt. but a good tx650w corsair PSU

i've got some money i was gonna build a new system but that'll have to wait a bit longer.

so here's my thoughts for a replacement looking in the 100-120 variety as it's gonna be going into a media pc after i build my new computer and thus i really only need it to play games at my current monitor max settings of 1280x1024, and eventually handle 1080p video playback.

the reason i like this card is I'd like to keep it a single slot card, but i'm open to suggestions before i pull the trigger on it.
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  1. Well, GT240 or HD5670 is a great card for HTPC and still good for gaming at 1280x1024, of course it faster than 8500GT... :)
  2. +1 to 5670/gt240
  3. yea pretty much anythign is gonna be faster than my 8500gt.... including an spider monkey with an abicus but its what i could afford >_<

    as for a 5670 or 240 both are possible but i do wanna game. when it becomes an htpc i'll still probably play wow on it sometimes. wireless keyboard and mouse on the lazy boy for casual pvp and stuff would be nice (1080p 120hz lcd tv)

    the gaming at 1080p is one of the reasons i was bumping to 5770 i'd also like to try mass effect 2 which i enjoyed the first but my origional card only played it at 10-15 fps and woudl periodically freeze the game so i want to be able to play the next chapter before i build my new pc which is looking like the spring and budgeted right should have around a 750-1k budget

    btw this is the single slot 5770 i was looking at
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    Well, HD5770 is good, but your link is a single slot version, which is can be bad, single slot card can get hot pretty fast, especially when gaming...
    Also, your AMD 64 3500+ will hold back the card performance, so you will better get GT240 or HD5670, after that save more money to build a whole new system...
    OR... It's okay to get that HD5770, you can use it on your next gaming rig, but do not buy a single slot one...
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