What kind of equipment to connect multiple fixed IP addresses via DSL.

I've had a DSLExtreme account for about 5 years. I was grandfathered in with 5 fixed IP addresses. I have only been using one, but now I'm going to run a couple of additional virtual servers which I want to be accessible externally via my unused IP addresses. What equipment do I need? DSLExtreme CS say they can't recommend hardware, but all I need to know is what are the characteristics of the equipment I need. They wouldn't tell me. I currently have a Westel C90-36R516-01 modem connected to a Linksys WRT54G Router/WAP.

Do I need a different DSL modem that can accept multiple IP addresses? As far as I know I need a different router because only one external IP can be bound to the WRT54G.

What kind of equipment do I need? Model numbers would be good if anyone can provide them.

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  1. DSL... Hmmm.. It's been awhile for me, but I'll give it a try.

    Your "DSL Modem" is more than a modem, it's also a router- with only one port.
    Try connecting a switch to the DSL 'box" (uplink port to DSL).

    Connect 2 or more computers to the switch. Have them obtain an IP number automatically.
    Now see if both computers can surf the web independently. If they can, record IP numbers* in use. If all works ok, assign each server a static IP number you now know is part of your DSL package and connect to the switch. You may need to add servers one at a time to discover the 5 static IP numbers that are "yours" and lock each one in with static IP numbers you select from the 5 you found assigned to you.

    * to see this info, double-click the little network icon in the system tray. Click the support tab and all info is there.

    There's a bit more info about this modem at:

    Hope this helps.
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