I long beep, 4 short beep

What does 1 long beep and 4 short beeps mean? :/
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  1. What is your MoBo? I assume it should be Asus one.
  2. Asus m5a97
  3. You might be mistaking the code, check once again, maybe 1 Long and 3 Short.
    That's usually for a bad/loose or defective display/gpu card.
  4. No, the manual says its a component failure, but that's really vague. Does that include the CPU? I tested CPU + RAM + GPU, CPU+RAM, they all have r same error beep. But when I just leave the CPU by itself, it has no beeps.
  5. All the beep errors are component failure usually, it's just different beep kinds for different components.
    Have you tried just using the CPU and one single stick of RAM, if you have a few of them, you can circulate them. So you'll be able to get the one out that's gone bad.
    Once the CPU + RAM combination stops giving the beeps, you can try your GPU in it, and if it doesn't beep..... good for you, the problem would have been solved.
  6. I tried with one stick of ram also. Still the same beep patterns. This is the second motherboard :/ this first one wouldn't turn on. Is it possible that both sticks are bad and also the GPU? Or maybe bad board. And possibly CPU?
  7. It's CPU fan ERror. Cus you are using non stock cpu fan
  8. No. I'm using the stock CPU fan
  9. It is possible that you might have bent a pin on the CPU while trying to put it in. Would you just check the CPU to see if all the Pins are straight not bent or broken?
  10. Also make sure everything's connected properly.
  11. I checked, no bent nor missing pins. I also tried another CPU, same error beeps, so CPU of of the picture?
  12. I tested CPU + RAM + GPU, CPU+RAM, they all have r same error beep.
  13. Ok, so hopefully the CPU isn't bad, now is it possible for you to try the RAM and the GPU in some one elses rig?
    If so do that if they work fine, and please, try only one component at a time, I mean, first add the RAM in some other rig and test it, if it works fine and shows up in the BIOS and the OS as the said amount of RAM then it's fine. Then remove the RAM and add the GPU and test it, if it works fine , no color problems, no display errors, then it ought to be fine, so we know they are both ok.
  14. I RMA'ed the RAM, GSkill Sniper 1600 (2x 4gb), GPU, XFX RADEON 6870, and my cpu, FX 4100, hoping i wont get any problems after this :/. Any extra suggestions are welcomed.
  15. You RMA'd everything other than the Mobo , Duh!! If you were not going to trouble shoot, you might as well have RMA'd the whole lot....... why leave anything to doubt?
    Of Course that's IMO.
  16. ok, so does the beep mean hardware failure, that doesnt include the mobo right?
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    No, beep code could mean hardware failure of some component on the board too.
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  19. Thanks. Basically changed everything. Works now :D
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