Fps problems in wow and high and games

Hallo ppl 1st off all sorry for my bad english

Now i got some fps problems with wow and gta4 basicly its the only games that i play :P its not that i have any dramatic problems but in gta4 i got 40.1 fps average and in wow 60 with vertical on but its like i got 40 or something + with the new patch 4.0.1 they added some new grafick options with water so if i put water on high and i have at the same time multisample x2 and higher i dont see water
my pc is this

motherboard p55a-ud3 gigabite
intel i5-650 3.2/3.2
shaphire ati 5770 hd 1 giga overclock
5 giga ram ddr 3
directx 9
windows xp profesional sp 3
22 inch monitor

i have the latest drivers and everything should work normal also i hade before ati radeon 5750 1giga with the same problems note tht everything in the pc is new

ps on multisample x1 everything is normal

and i want to ask is xp a problem? shall i change my windows to vista or 7?
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  1. not that i have 4 giga ram and not 5 :P
  2. You won't gain any performance from changing operating systems, if anything games that use dx10 and dx11 will perform worse (but look better). Those are demanding games (assuming your 22" monitor is 1080p and you have things maxed out) so I don't think there's anything wrong with your FPS numbers, if you want better you will have to spend more money on a video card/cards. Drivers and o/s are not your problem.
  3. I would have to agree with benski, those sound like normal numbers given your specs. the new update for WoW changed alot of things around and everyone saw a performance drop depending on their specs.

    if you want better results im sorry to say you have to invest more into your setup.

    i hope this helps.
  4. http://img832.imageshack.us/i/wowscrnshot102410201539.jpg/ this is what i see with ati radeon 5759 hd

    http://img266.imageshack.us/i/wowscrnshot111810171205.jpg/ this is with 5770 saphire hd with x2 1 multisample and low to high liquid ditail dosent matter

    http://img502.imageshack.us/i/wowscrnshot111810171221.jpg/ and this with 5770 hd saphire if i have multisample x2 and liquid ditailn more than fair
  5. yea.. my 8500gt went from running wow in medium -high settings with shadows down to low on everything after 4.0.1 ... but thankfully the 8500gt gave up the ghost so now i can get a new card for wow (probably a 5770 or 460 1gb)

    as for the water part ... yea thats a pain, but wow has always been glitchy with water, back in bc people with certain cards including my own were having issues where underwater you'd just see a reverse of what was above water and if you swam down you'd eventually fall through the world in a permafall
  6. so its not something that i should worry with? its wow issuy and not my sistem?
  7. good probability its wow, if you turned on the dx11 features in wow that seems to be causeing alot of problems for some people and no problem for others there's alot about it on the wow technical forums. i'v ebeen reading to see which card to get myself mostly seems to be solved on the ati fronts by backdating drivers in some cases, but others are usign same cards just fine with latest drivers. its definatly leaning me toward the 460 1gb over 5770 1gd though but it'll depend on cyber monday/black friday sales really to which i get
  8. Keep in mind, he's playing in Dx9 mode. He's not experiencing the same issues that the Dx11 people are having, although it may have been a side effect of the new changes. It is likely an issue about graphical changes, and they probably tried to help things for the Dx9 crowd as well, which has affected you.

    Going to Win 7 could possibly help, as you will now be using Dx11, and using that version of the graphics engine. It's also possible it'll hurt you, as mentioned above, the Dx11 changes are having a lot of different issues as well.
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