Best Headset for XFI xtreme music


I'm looking for recommendations as to the best USB headset to use with the creative XFI xtreme music.

I had put the card in storage for a few years because of it's lack of a analog front panel input.

I don't think I want to spend any more than 80 clams, but have no idea which brand would provide the best solution for gaming.
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  1. If you intent on getting a USB headset then there is no use of having a sound card.. USB headsets interact using their integrated sound chip and drivers.. If you want to make use of your card then you need to get a regular headset with 3.5 mm jack plug (not USB)..
  2. Try getting surround sound headphones. My personal favorite (especially for the xfi extreme music) is the Medusa 5.1 gaming headset.

    These bad boys have 4 3.5mm jacks for your surround sound (mid, front, back and sub) with a usb jack for power.

    You will not find a better headset for surround sound. They will blow your ears off.

    Well worth the extra $$
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