Amd 955 phenom 2 oc to 3.8 and higher zalman vs hyper212.

need to oc phenom2 955 quad core to 3.8 ghz and stock cooler sux.
will be using arctic silver thermal paste.

do i get the zalman:

or hyper 212plus:

i have a rosewill destroyer case ( ) which measures: 19.09" x 7.48" x 16.14" (bezel included)

and i think both will fit but im not sure if the hyper 212 plus or the zalman will be touching the ram (gskill ripjawsx) since the ram is parallel to cpu socket?

which one cools the best and is best for price?
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  1. ct1615 said:
    care to link the test, otherwise you are just talking out of your usual

    If a fine cooler, especially how expensive the 212+ has got. $42 shipped @ Amazon or $40AR @ Newegg
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