Eclipse internet

Does anyone know if Eclipse Internet are any good?

And, for heavy gaming and pretty heavy dowloading... is 100gb a good enough monthly allowance?

Off topic i know but people here know their stuff and generally reply.

Cheers guys.
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  1. Can't help you with the Eclipse ISP (you could try google or bing for complaints, etc), but as to the 100GB monthly limit, it depends on what kind of downloading & gaming you do. For instance, my wife's nephew plays WoW all weekend and probably 8 hours each weeknight (yeah, addicted to WarCrack), my wife downloads maybe 500MB of family pix her brother sends (he doesn't know how to compress JPGs for email), and myself probably 1-2 GB of stuff which includes software updates & some streaming video per month. Anyway my usage runs around 12-14 GB a month which is about 5% of my 250GB allowance from Comcast.

    So unless you're on Limewire or download 10K iTunes per month :P I'd say you're probably OK.
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