HAF 932 advanced --> air filters y/n? HAF X --> integrated 3.0?

Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you would be able to answer the following two questions:
1.) Does the 932 advanced have air filters or not?
2.) Does the HAF X now come with integrated usb 3.0 and a bottom air filter?
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  1. 1) Filters? No
    2) USB3 outlet in the front panel. The cable must be plugged into either a motherboard USB3 header (rare) or routed and plugged into the rear USB port (pins to socket adapter needed). Bottom air filter? No (just a perforated screen).
  2. The air filter question isn’t really no or yes there is a mesh screen in front of the fan which does a pretty good job at catching alot of the dust. I still wind up having to take canned air to it once month but it’s really no hassle for how nice the case is

    And it is easy to route the usb3 cables out of one of the liquid cooling holes so you can plug them into the rear external usb3 jacks

    All in all it is a great case you won’t be disappointed
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    I have the HAF 932 case; had it since December 2009. Yes, it is a great case. The perforated screens in front, side, and at the bottom (for air inlet) do not serve as filters. They are screens! Little or no filtering of air is done by these screens. Serves cosmetic purposes.

    There is no substitute for regular cleaning using a can of compressed air. Cleaning intervals depend on the environment the computer is located in. Three months to six months intervals would be a good start.

    I already mentioned about the routing of the front panel USB 3 cable to the rear. And yes, it is done through the rubber grommets that are located at the rear for liquid cooling lines. This is how I routed the USB 2 cables for the card reader that I installed in front, and plugged them into 2 USB 2 rear ports. The motherboard USB 2 headers were all used for the front panel USB 2 ports.

    My next build will also have the HAF 932 case. Very robust and plenty of room!
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  5. Thank you!
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