Urgent Help Needed!!!

Hey Guys.......!
I just finished Assembling my New PC, and I'm getting this error when I turn it on.

"Firmware has Detected CMOS Battery Failure Occurred
Firmware has Detected CMOS Checksum Error Occurred "

When It first happened, It proceeded automatically to boot form the DVD, and i managed to install Windows, the Mobo & VGA drivers, BFBC2 etc and shut down.

But when I restarted the system I got the same message above and windows boots up, and I come to the desktop, but the Realtek HD Audio driver doesn't appear in the task bar. I thought this might be because the system is still new, So I restarted again.

This time i get 3 beeps(First one separately, followed by 2 beeps with intervals of 2 seconds), a black screen and again get the same error message and I manage to get to the login screen. But now, My Mouse and key Board(Both of which are USB) are not functioning.

So what I did next was Replacing the CMOS battery with a different one(the battery of the PC I am Currently using NOT that of the new PC) and I end up with the same result(i.e 3 beeps and error message with USB failure ).

Can anyone please help me....... All my parts are still under warranty, so what I'm mostly worried about is what went wrong here......... Is it the mobo? RAM??? Please help me....... :cry:

System Specs as Follows:

Intel Core i5 760 @2.8 GHz
Intel P55WB Mother Board
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  1. I would look for the BIOS battery on the MB, and reseat it, or, replace it....
  2. mdd1963 said:
    I would look for the BIOS battery on the MB, and reseat it, or, replace it....

    I reseated the battery, Switched it with another as well. But I got the same result.
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