HD5670 on m4a78LT-M LE not detected


450watts psu, phenom II, 3gb ram, asus m4a78LT-m LE, HD3000 onboard running Win7HP.
PC boots up fine with HD5670 but display is only on onboard graphics. HD5670 has been tested on four separate configurations and it runs fine. I have checked all the bios options but still i could not get any display on HD5670. It shows blank screen. There are no options to turn off the onboard or the ati crossfire. What could be the problem?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Have you installed the latest VGA drivers ?
    Also,there should be an option in the BIOS for setting the PCI-E priority,make sure its set to PCI-E(not onboard).
    BTW,since you are using one 5670,there isn't an option for disabling Crossfire,so don't bother with that.
  2. Hybrid crossfirex on m4a78LT-M LE allows the Onboard graphics and pcieX16 to run in crossfire mode. HD5670 supports crossfirex but does it support Hybrid Crossfirex(CFX)?
  3. Can sapphire HD5670 run in hybrid CFX?

    m4a78LT-M LE runs AMI bios v02.61, 0704
    Is there a bios update available?
    If yes, then how can i safely update the bios?
    Bios shows EZ flash 2 in tools menu. Theres a windows bios utility also supplied in mobo dvd.

    cpu : phenom II x2 (runs 4 cores with core unlocker)
    ram: DDR3 1333
    IDE harddisk pata

    I do not need hybrid crossfire so that the onboard graphics gets switched off completely and dont mess with the HD5670 on X16.
    Please suggest a ASUS motherboard without the hybrid CFX.
  4. No you can't use hybrid CF.
    Hybrid CF only works with low-end cards such as HD 3450
  5. HD5670 is a Dx11 graphics card but the onboard graphics is older Dx10.

    I did some research on this and found out that HD5670 works fine with asus M4A78LT-M LE. :D

    sent the mobo for replacement.
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