Ok....for awhile now I have been doing all the research I can on P67 motherboards and now that everything is coming out I have been doing alot of real specific and I had pretty much narrowed my focus to the Sabertooth P67 TUF....I really like the features and the cooling makes me happy (I have computers that try to catch fire)....and then the other day I started looking at the Maximus IV, yes the computer I am looking to build is for gaming and not much else. If this is for a gaming computer should I ignore the Sabertooth and get the Maximus?
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  1. Would probably be very hard to go wrong with the Asus Sabertooth P67...
  2. Wait wait....I just heard a thing from Intel that said that said for gamers X58 is still the standard.....when I have heard over and over X58 is great but if you a building a new system wait and buy Sandy Bridge. My mind has official been scrambled.
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