BEST time to buy a new/used GPU?? Black friday? Xmas? aft ATI 6xxx ?

Im in a situation. was about to upgrade my 9800gtx to get a single GTX460 instead of SLI'ing another 9800GTX... but black friday is coming, so is Christmas and with tigerdirect having epic sales every time i check my email Im afraid to buy and get an email with a super deal offer that I'd miss..... thoughts?
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  1. If you want a bargain, try e-bay. Look for used GTX460 cards. Lots of graphics cards are showing up as people are marketing them to raise funds for the GTX580 for the anticipated 6970 and GTX570 cards. Look at completed listings to see what cards are actually selling for.

    If ebay is not your thing, then now is OK. Get what you want, and don't anguish over small price differences.

    I suggest you consider upgrading a couple of tiers to a GTX470 or GTX480. A GTX460 is a relatively small jump and you will be disappointed if you don't see a lot of improvement.
  2. Yeah, that's a good idea to ebay your 9800GTX and get a used/new GTX460.
  3. AFter reading all about the helicopter noise and power draw im kind of turned off the gtx 470/480. Im leaning towards a gtx 460 1gb new from evga w/lifetie warranty
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