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GTX460 on 40" LCD TV


I have an NVIDIA GTX460 connected via hdmi to an LCD TV. The resolution is recognized as 1080p native (1920x1080) but the frame of the desktop exceeds the TV frame. I used to have that when i had ATI also but on the catalyst i could Underscan or Overscan and the frame fitted. Now on NVIDIA i saw the resize desktop but i saw something very strange. When i fitted the screen to the normal size (using the slide bars) the resolution changed to 1860x1044 something. Does this mean i dont have 1080p FULL HD anymore? Or i shouldnt worry? I am asking because on ATI catalyst when i overscanned again to fit the screen i didnt see a change in the resolution it was still 1920x1080.

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  1. Disregard it, i fixed it with "Just Scan" option on the TV
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