Dual GTX 460's or one 480

Looking to build a system and I have enough money for either dual 460's or a 480. Which option do you think will get the best performance for my gaming system?
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  1. Dual HD6850 is better option. But please mention you monitor, PSU and other PC details when asking for help.
  2. dual 460's. faster and use less power than a 480. dual 6850's trade blows with dual gtx460's, depends on the games you play.
  3. FULL System specs, please...
  4. Before you choose , you must know its all depends on Monitor
    you should ask your self , what Resolution you use on Playing games ?!
    Dual Card are awesome on PhysX® technology , High bandwidth means the ability to handle large textures and anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering as well (Buy 1GB Ver.)
    its also use Less power than 480
    considering buying GTX 480 isn't bad choose at all its will help on long Term in case you wanted to Dual GTX 480
    and by the way GTX 580 is out on Market so think twice before you do your move :)
  5. GTX 460's scale to around 95% - meaning you almost get double the performance ( Obviously depends on the game ) But with ATI cards the CFX doesn't scale as well, adding a second card may get you a 40% max increase compared to SLI's 90% range. I lost the posts that proves this but I'm sure they can be found on Google.
  6. With the better brand or factory OC'd 460's going as high as $229, consider a factory OC'd 470 for just $13 more each w/ the 10% off coupon ....expires today I think.

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