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I was trying to fix something and downloaded NVIDIA graphic driver or something like that.. after restart my computer looked as if it was in safe mode. Then i removed all NVIDIA components via add/remove program, restarted, all looked fine except now when i browse up/down the windows move really slow, and also some bright vertical stripes appeared on the screen. Please advise me how to restore everything to the way it was before i messed with NVIDIA, i can't work like this... Thank you in advance
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  1. 1. Are the nVidia drivers installed?

    If yes, uninstall them. Download DriveSweeper and select nVidia drives and remove them.

    Re-install the drivers once again.

    If not then continue from the DriveSweeper step.
  2. Hi, thanks for replying
    I downloaded Driver Sweeper 2.1.0 (by Guru3D), i check the Nvidia components, click "Clean", and nothing happens. When i do a search on my computer nothing comes up, also there is nothing of Nvidia in add/remove programs. Maybe i don't have any Nvidia components left? What's the problem then?
    How do i reinstall the drivers?
    Sorry but i really have close to zero clue about all this..
  3. Using drive sweeper isn't the best advice for someone who doesn't know anything about computer hardware. If you un-install nvidia drivers and don't know which ones to pick you may un-install mother board drivers along with the graphics software.

    Try reinstalling the graphics drivers. Sounds like they are not installed. And make sure you have the right drivers for your card and operating system.

    Perhaps you can get the right stuff at Windows Update. Probably the easiest for you to try.
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