Laptop LCD problems after water spill... need advice

So, I spilled water on my laptop, rinsed it out and all that, let it dry for 4 months, and then i tried to power it back on.
The LCD screen does not turn on, I have plugged it into an external monitor and it works, it can boot into windows fine, but the bios screen is made up of dollar signs ($), I cannot access the bios settings at all and it only happens in the bios. The laptop is a Dell XPS M-1210, and the external monitor works fine with it, but I cannot get the LCD to work or the dollar signs to go away.

Thank you for any help you can provide,

- Daus
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  1. Well, it's a difficult problem since it's a laptop.
    My suggestion is take that laptop to DELL service center and let them check it for you...
  2. yup since its a laptop is difficult ?!
    water spilled on your laptop while its worken ?! if so let me know where exactly ?
    The Monitor might be just fine and you need to replace BGA IC ....
  3. Water = Bad. Rust will build up over time and your problems will only worsen. Replace the motherboard, or get a new laptop.
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