69xx Q4 2010?


So 13th December. What are your opinions about this?
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  1. A little late for what I expected, but just in time for my new christmas rig :)
    I hope it's cheaper than the GTX 580 because the 580 is a little pricey for me...
  2. i think it's only a few weeks, and as mentioned the 5970 is still a better card then the 580 in most applications and they are price competitive so amd isn't under the gun by any means. if it is being delayed to work iout some kinks or to make sure there are plenty of cards for sale then a few weeks isn't going to kill them but missing black friday/cybe rmonday shoppers will hurt them a little... don't think to many people looking for high end cards will be waiting for sales though so it'll be margional
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