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I know I am crazy but I need some help from the smarter than me group. I just purchased a computer from Walmart, which I know is crazy, for cheap. The system is an inexpensive 600 dollar system CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme i107 Desktop PC with Intel Core i3 530 Processor, Windows 7 Home Premium. The specs are very basic and the GPU is integrated, which from what I have read from reviews is not a horrible graphics setup for gaming like WoW. What I want to know is if I want to upgrade the graphics and put in a card what card should I use? Also is this system expandable to the point where I could piece-meal it into a better system? Thank you for your help.
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  1. Can you provide a link to the exact model you bought? You can probably find it easily enough on Wal-Mart or Cyberpower's site. It's needed to see more detailed specs like your mobo, ram, etc... that will allow everyone to make a reasonable suggestion.
  2. What will probably hit you first if you try to upgrade is the need for a better, more powerful power supply. the power supplies in computers like that are sized to provide only enough power for the components included in the PC, and not for any upgrades.
  3. Here is the link. I appreciate the help on this. Generally I am somewhat IT smart but I have not messed with pc's since the p4 series boards. I am going cheap right now because I am in school. I know I could build one for a little more money but I do not have the time or the know how on newest components. Again thanks for the help on this machine. Here is the link.
  4. EVGA GTX 460 1GB is the way to go, I have one, it can play any game on the highest settings. EVGA comes with a lifetime warranty, 24 hour support, and other bonuses. Here's a link: Its only $140 with a rebate. I payed $250 for mine, and it was still worth it!

    If you need help on how to install it, message me
  5. How would that Vid card work with the integrated graphics? Will it make a difference in power usage? Will the board recognize the integrated if the independent card is present?
  6. Once you put in the discrete graphics card, and attach the monitor to it(not the VGA connector on the MB), the integrated graphics is disabled, and really doesn't affect the powerr usage.
  7. Nice answer to the card question. Thank you all for your help. I look forward to more talks in the future.
  8. Installing a new video card will disable the integrated graphics...

    Other gamers will tell you better how powerful a card you'll need for the games you want to play...I'd call Cyberpower and ask them for recommended video cards that the power supply already in your box can run safely...
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