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I recently uninstalled my MSI HD6850 video drivers but after restarting my PC, it still seemed that some drivers were not uninstalled. I opened up System Information and to my surprise, I found that I had version 8.892 drivers installed which I do not recall even installing such old version. How can I get rid of these old drivers because I can't see them under Program and Features.

Thank you!
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  1. uninstall them then run something like drivercleaner or driversweeper to remove the leftover bits
  2. But how do I uninstall them first if I can't see them under Program and Features? What other way is there?

    EDIT: I checked the ATI folder and there seemed to be some Setup program but it reported that I had no drivers installed so I couldn't uninstall the old drivers from there.
  3. You can get driver sweeper here ( Install it and run it to get rid of the remaining driver elements. Windows comes with native AMD drivers as part of it's system files. This is why you can run the vid. card. right after installing the OS. They are never the most current. You may be seeing these drivers. Please explain what "it still seemed that some drivers were not uninstalled" refers to? Are you going to use an AMD or Nvid. card?
  4. I am using an AMD/ATI card drivers and still plan to use them but thanks for the reply. I will use drive sweeper.
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