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GTX 460 x 2 in SLI or GTX 580?

Im considering an upgrade and know i can get two 460's for £280 or a gtx 580 for £400. what's the performance difference between these?
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    The 460's are amazing value for money and give a similar level of performance to the GTX580. Ofcourse with a 580 you could potentially add another in future, but due to the cost involved, I'd say stick with the GTX460's.

    Forgot to mention that in order to really compete with a single GTX580, the 460's would need to be overclocked. Get them high enough and they can beat the single card by a reasonable margin though.
  2. ya but then you have to deal with the issues of sli in some games
  3. Then buy the 580. You can have that issue later when you SLi them :)).
  4. I always prefer a single card solution, because dual cards usually gives more problem. So if you can afford a single GTX580 then go for it... :)
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