Cpu fan error

i have i5 2500k sapertooth p67 and corsair A50
i get the cpu fan error at the boot of the pc
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  1. What is the error message? Check the BIOS. Look under "PC Health Status" and then look at the details on the CPU_fan. If the settings are ok, then take a look at the fan attached to the heatsink for mechanical/electrical issues.
  2. I had the message too, my cpu fan was running to low. I changed the min speed in the bios.
  3. You may have to set the bios to ignore the CPU fan speed.
    Related to CPU Q-Fan control also if enabled.
    You still have control via temperature of the CPU.

    Page 3-23 and 3-24 of the manual.
  4. thanks
  5. plug something into the cpu fan header or turn it off in the bios..choose to ignore the message if u do have a cooler! However...be cautious..if ever something happens and u dont have the warning u wont know whats wrong with it
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