Nvidia Quadro FX3600 broken? Or worse..? Help?

Hi guys,

Need some help on this one - I think i've got a graphic card failure, but want to run it past you lot before I fork out on a replacement.

hp workstation 8710w (Running Vista 32x) Nvidia Quadro FX3600.

Few weeks ago started to get some screen flickering, leading to BSOD blaming Nvidia. Driver would occasionally crash and attempt to recover. Now has gotten worse and within a few minutes of turning the machine on, I get flickering and death.

I am able to start in safe mode (but again, the longer it runs the more likely it is to get bsod) - updated all drivers, BIOS etc to latest stable versions but not having any luck.

Computer has been fine since dec '08, only recently been a problem. Has, however, ran rather hot - so it could be that something important has melted in there.

Is this a graphics card failure? Or something more serious? My first thought is that because the laptop is fine for the first minute or so of starting, it's only as the machine heats up that it all goes crazy..?

Your advice is needed, and I bow to the collective genius of the forum.

Thanks guys.
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  1. Are the vents blocked? It may not be getting proper air flow. If something had melted its not likely that you could see an image on screen. Make sure any fans are working as well.
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