Problems with New Asus P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3 Mobo - Please Help

I posted this in the Asus forums almost 24 hours ago and haven't had one reply yet. I'm hoping someone here at TH can help. Otherwise I will have to RMA it with Newegg and get a different MB.

I just built a new system using the new P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3 motherboard. I'm having all kinds of problems and I have built 100's of systems. Seems like maybe a little too much mix of new technology on this mobo.

Here are the main 2 problems...

I have 2 Sapphire HD 6970 2Gb GDDR5 video cards in this system. Each card has 2 DVI ports, 2 mini display ports, and one HDMI port. I'm driving 3 monitors. A center 30 inch at 2560x1600 and 2 rotated 20 inch side panel monitors at 1200x 1600.

I can't figure out how to boot off of any of the DVI ports on either of the 2 video cards. The only way I ever get any display is if I connect a monitor to the VGA/D-Sub port on the motherboard and all I ever see is the BIOS. If I let the system try to boot past the BIOS option the monitor never gets a signal.

I have set the boot GPU to PCIE/PCI under Advanced ==> System Agent Configuration. I have tried this with the Multi-Monitor option enabled and disabled. Makes no difference. I have tried connecting the monitor to all 4 DVI ports, one at a time, powering everything off in between of course.

I have also tried removing one of the Sapphire cards. I have checked power connections and even replaced the cable from the PSU to the video cards. The red LEDs on the video cards are on and the POST VGA LED on the motherboard only lights quickly during the test and does not stay on signifying an error. That tells me the MB is detecting the video card(s).

Here's the second problem. I have 4 drives connected. One OCZ Vertex 3 120Gb SSD that I would like to use as my boot/OS drive, connected to one of the Intel SATA III ports with one of the SATA III cables that came with the MB. BIOS sees all my drives so power/data is not the problem.

I also have 2 Seagate Barracuda 2Tb SATA III hard drives connected, both to the Marvell ports, although I have just tested moving one to the other Intel SATA III port but that didn't make any difference. The last drive connected is an Asus 24x DVD-RW. This drive is connected to one of the 3.0Gb/sec (gray) ports. I also have a cable connected to another 3.0Gb/sec port going to the front panel for eSATA but nothing is connected to it.

These are all brand new components so they have not been formatted or an OS installed yet. I set the boot order in BIOS to Asus DVD-RW first, then the OCZ SSD, then one of the Barracuda drives. Temporarily of course so I can boot off the OS DVD. But that is the problem.

If I put the Windows 7 disc in the DVD drive this is what happens. Using the Sapphire DVI ports I never see anything. Using the VGA port on the motherboard I see the BIOS logo screen for a quick second, then 10-15 seconds later it flashes on the screen again and goes away. The orange light on the monitor comes back on telling me it sees no signal. Then I notice the light on the DVD starts flashing like it's accessing the disc. A minute later I see the Microsoft Corporation name with a progress bar moving from left to right that stays on the screen for about 10 seconds. Then it goes away and the PC acts like it restarts. All the lights go off and then come back on but so fast that the fans don't ever stop. The monitor goes blank, the DVD light flashes for 2 seconds and then stops.

It never boots into the Windows 7 Setup, never gives me an error, nothing. I have tried 2 different Windows 7 installation discs. Both do the same thing. I also tried a utility boot CD I made a while back. I never see anything but the DVD light flashing for 3 seconds and then it stops.

In this BIOS the AHCI is the only option besides RAID or IDE or Disable. I read posts here where some people said to try using regular SATA mode instead of AHCI. I don't have that option I guess.

I sure hope someone can help. This is a killer new system, or would be if the motherboard worked right. I have never had this much trouble with a new system. I should be able to stick the Windows disc in, boot off of it, format the SSD and install Windows. That simple.
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  1. It does sound to me like you have a defective motherboard and you should RMA it and get a new one to see if it is in fact that being defective is why you are having all this trouble. If you describe what you have posted to Newegg you will have no trouble getting a RMA.
    In the bios the only storage options I have ever seen are AHCI ,Ide and Raid. Ide is regular sata mode.
  2. Quick question. There are 2 power connectors on each of my Sapphire video cards. One 8 pin and one 6 pin. I assumed that I was supposed to use one or the other because of the System Requirements that said "One 6+2". Am I supposed to use both power connectors on each card?
  3. pickupcash said:
    Quick question. There are 2 power connectors on each of my Sapphire video cards. One 8 pin and one 6 pin. I assumed that I was supposed to use one or the other because of the System Requirements that said "One 6+2". Am I supposed to use both power connectors on each card?

    All power connectors (2 per card) must be hooked to the cards in order for 6970s to show signal. I believe this is your problem.
  4. Yes it was the problem. The documentation is horrible. It only shows one power connector on the card and not even in the right place.

    The hard drive problem wasn't really a problem after all. The system was looking for a boot device. It was trying to boot off the DVD but I had no video to see that. On initial power up the Boot Device POST LED would stay on for a while. I mean like 3 minutes or more. Once the SSD was formatted and Windows 7 installed everything was fine.

    Thanks for everyone's help. Sure am glad it wasn't a faulty motherboard. My son is coming home from the Navy in a few days and I got Skyrim and Battlefield 3 for him to play on this new system. I was beginning to wonder if that was going to happen.
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