Wattage for running 2 gtx 460's in sli

What wattage should my psu be for 2 gtx 460's in sli?
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  1. 650 w quality PSU.
  2. Okay, thanks I have a 750 corsair so that's not the issue i'm having in trying to setup my 2D surround.
  3. I have 2 pallit gtx 460's and 650 w psu with no problems as of yet.I think 650 w may or may not be enough though,depending on the individual psu.Obviously pc parts have particular idosyncratic qualities and with psu's they are not going to all run the same .With your 750 w psu this is all a moot point though .It is only relavent when your psu is on the borderline.I waffle tooo much,I'll shut up.
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