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Need help in deciding 5850 or 5870

Hi guys, I currently have an XFX 5850 running. I want to get another card for xfire so kinda stuck. I can get another XFX 5850 for approx $170ish (approx exchange rate) or I could get an XFX 5870 for approx $250ish. Well I can go either way, so I guess I just need a nudge. Actually wanted to get the asus 5870 because it just looks so damn sexy. But it is a tad bit more expensive. Need help on this one, thanks in advance.

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    Wait a few weeks for the HD 6950/6970, sell your card and get a single new one.
  2. hmm, I guess that would be the right choice...Just read that the release was to be delayed till mid dec...Thanks man...
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