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I just dug into an old computer my mom gave me. She replaced it with a laptop about a year ago after it stopped booting properly. I am planning on reusing the case for a new gaming build, so while I am waiting on my parts to arrive from Newegg I decided to clean it up and see if some of the old parts still work. After disassembling and thoroughly cleaning everything I plugged the essentials back in (mobo, ram, ODD, HDD, GPU, PSU) to see if it would boot. At first it came on and would post and try to load windows for a second but then automatically reboot (so it was in a continuous boot loop), so I stuck my recovery disk in and played around with the OS repair tool. I didn't really do anything aside from chkdsk (which found errors on the HDD) and then rebooted and got into windows fine. My conclusion is that the only problem with the computer was the HDD. I was wondering if there is any market for old computer parts and if not how to go about disposing/recycling them. The parts are:

Mobo: ASUS A7N8X

CPU: AMD Athlon 1.1 GHz

PSU: RaidMax 450w, model no. RX-450K

RAM: 2x DDR-DIMM 256MB, PC3200 (CL2.5)

GPU: nVidia geForce 6200 256MB DDR (8x AGP)

As well as a modem and ethernet PCI cards.
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    There is a market, but it's small. You could easily make 30-50 bucks on those parts as a whole on craigslist.
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