Help with GPU!!

Hello, I was wondering what's the best gpu for 1440x900. Would rather ATI
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  1. hmm...if not going to go for larger resolution, you'd be set with a 5770.

    only 114.99 after mir.
  2. for now as drezeus said get da HD 5770
    but for long term i would recommended GTX 460 1GB
  3. We need more info, you full specs, budget, future plan about monitor and what are you going to do with your PC...
  4. Sorry about that, I was in a rush when I did this post.


    - AMD Phenom ii x4 965

    - 4GB's of 1333 MHz ram

    - Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5

    Using it for Gaming mostly

    No future plan for monitor, and if I did get a monitor in the future I'll probably buy a new GPU any ways.

    Budget up to $ 300 au
  5. PSU? brand? model?
    Well, for 1440x900 i think HD5770 or GTX460 is more than enough to maxed out everything...
  6. HD5770 is the right choice. But HD5750 would also do the job quite handsomely at your resolution.
  7. Thanks Guys!!

    Power supply is a Coolermaster extreme plus 700w
  8. I wouldn't stress that PSU if i were you. Stick with 5770 or 5750.
  9. Your PSU is good enough (not the best but enough) to handle HD5770 or GTX460, HD5770 is cheaper and can maxed out almost anything at 1440x900.
  10. Thanks guys
  11. Would agree to go with 5770.
  12. How many watts will I need to handle the 5770?
  13. Vxshifter said:
    How many watts will I need to handle the 5770?

    You are having good PSU.
    Your power supply is able to handle even more powerful graphic cards.

    Here is the link:
  14. Cheers!
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