My sandy bridge i5 build is this an ok build?

1 x Intel - Core™ i5-2500K Processor, 3.30GHz w/ 6MB Cache $228.99
1 x Corsair - XMS3 4GB DDR3 1600MHz CL9 DIMM $59.99
1 x Cooler Master - Hyper 212 Plus CPU Cooler $29.99
1 x Antec - EarthWatts EA 650W Power Supply w/ Triple +12V $89.99
1 x Western Digital - 1TB Caviar Blue 7200rpm SATA II w/ 32MB Cache $69.99
1 x LG - Super-Multi 22x DVD Writer, SATA, Black (OEM) $19.99
1 x Asus - P8P67 w/ DualDDR3 1600, 7.1 Audio, Gigabit Lan, 1394, Bluetooth, CrossFireX $169.99
1 x Asus - ENGTX570 GeForce GTX 570 1280MB GDDR5 PCI-E w/ Dual DVI, HDMI $379.99

this is currently my build feel free to feedback on any of the components

About PSU do i really need 650W or can i stick with 500W? also i dont need HDMI on the motherboard right??

its my first built computer i dont want anything to go wrong...

when your installing an os into this newly built pc is the installation same as installing a windows after a format/recovery?
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  1. Also i see that there are many video card that has the same gtx 570 like there is brand asus, sapphire, eVGA, msi, xfx is there a difference between these cards??
  2. PSU - If you are sure that you will never find yaself wanting to add another GFX card in SLI, it's good build. $20 more would allow you to DD 2nd 570 sometime up the road w/ a XFX Black Edition 850.

    HD - The Blue doesn't stack up performance wise against the WD Black, the SPinpoint F3 and Seagate 7200.12 are in the Black's class. I'd buy the cheapest one on the day you are buying. Today, that's the F3 at $55

    Your paying $399 for the MoBo / CPU. Suggest this combo as an alternate which upgrades you to the Pro version (allowing a 2nd GFX card later on) nets ya a free game and saves $10

    GFX Card - the one you picked is a overclocked version and will be faster than most competing brands ... Asus also allows voltage tweaking which allows for higher OC's.

    Cooler - The 212 was a great cooler in its day.... while still a great bang for the buck, it really can't compete with coolers released since and has fallen outta the "Top 25". OTOH, the Mugen 2 is $10 more and is the No. 2 ranked cooler in listings.

    You'll need a TIM, Shin Etsu tops all others in the 80 way TIM roundup

    RAM - If ya buying CAS 9, these Corsairs are only $39

    If I did my math right, I think I significantly improved ya system and saved ya $10 to boot

    After installation is complete, just insert windows disk and turn on machine....all should go nicely from there if ya have done everything right. I would suggest that while you are waiting for everything to arrive, you do 2 things:

    1. Visit the manufacturer's web site, download and print out all the them, study them, cover to cover.

    2. While there, also download all the current drivers and burn them to a CD.
  3. Id get the WD Black over the F3. Better warranty.
  4. danzo123 said:
    Also i see that there are many video card that has the same gtx 570 like there is brand asus, sapphire, eVGA, msi, xfx is there a difference between these cards??

    There are minor differences but probably not many you will notice.

    It is my belief the best Nvidia card company is EVGA and the best ATI/AMD card company is XFX. That is not to say the other companies are bad by any means but it is my personal opinion that these two are thee best.

    Some manufactures will overclock their cards to make them faster than the standard version. This is reflected in the the clock and memory speed listings for the card. EVGA normally refers to these cards as their SSC editions, where as XFX refers to them as their black editions.

    When deciding on any card it is normally best to do a sort order by ratings. Besure to read the reviews. They are normally the best indicator of which card you should buy.

    The ATI/AMD equivalent of the GTX570 would be the HD 6970. The run roughly at the same pace. The GTX570 typically edges the HD 6970 at lower resolutions where as the reverse tends to be true at higher resolutions. This can probably be contributed to the HD 6970's 2GB of memory vs the GTX570's 1.2 GB of memory.

    Since both of these cards are relatively new the drivers that come out over the next 2 months will probably determine the true winner.
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