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Sapphire 5770 and blinking pixels...

I bought an open box Sapphire 5770 100283-3L card from Newegg just a few days ago, got it installed, disabled my on-board GPU, installed the latest CCC drivers (10.10), turned all of the settings up for "Quality", temps range from 43C idle to 70C in Gears of War with settings maxed out for 1680x1050.

I'm running Win7 64-bit.

On the desktop I get blinking pixels.

I have tried creating and manually tweaking a new profile and activating it. This seems to work, but only for a short period of time before the blinking pixels reappear.

I'm not sure if I should return the card for a refund (Newegg open box policy) and try a different card or if there is anything else I can do to permanently fix the problem.

I also tried OC'ing the card to 885MHz core and 1350MHz memory and it will work fine for a period of time, and then the blinking will come back. The blinking will happen on stock frequency settings too (850/1200).

For PSU, I'm running an OCZ Fatality 550 and have the 6-pin power connected to the GPU.

At the moment, my tact is to:
0. Try running Furmark at home tonight and see how that goes.
1. submit a ticket with Sapphire tech support on the issue after work when I can collect the GPU's S/N and such.
2. if no resolve, see what the forums say (searched around, have found a lot of open ended problems)
3. Return the card to Newegg for a refund and buy another card (maybe a XFX for the double-warranty)

Any other suggestions?

See my profile for my rig info, monitor is a Dell 2209WA and is connected direct via the DVI connector.
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  1. I would return it quick before your 30 days are up, it's probably why the card was open box in the first place and it could get worse over time. I wouldn't want to be stuck with a card that is already showing signs of being defective and has no warranty on it.
  2. is there anything else i can try before I loose ~$30 from the shipping, tax and restocking fees?
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    You can talk them out of the restocking fee, just tell them it was defective and you shouldn't have to pay for there mistake. They only put that 15% restocking fee in there to keep people from sending stuff back just becaue they changed there minds, if you tell them there is something wrong with the card they will probably waive the fee, they have for me before.

    You could try underclocking the 2D clocks on the card with afterburner, or if it has voltage control upping the voltage a little. Maybe try older drivers, although I doubt that's an issue, but if it was me I would rather eat the 15-20 bucks for shipping now then have to eat the $100+ for the card if it poops out 31 days from now.
  4. Ok, I just submitted a defective RMA for this card via NewEgg's LiveChat. They waived the 15%-restocking fee since the card is defective and will email me a pre-paid UPS shipping label.

    I'll just have to pick out a new card to replace this week. So much for trying to save a few bucks =\

    Thinking of going with one of the XFX cards, either the single slot (not sure if the 2.1 PCI-E will work in my 2.0 slot) or their Rev.2 reference card.

    BTW, the open box card was $110 shipped =\
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