~1200 i5-2500k, hd 6850 gaming budget build

Hey just wondering what you think of my build I am purchasing in a couple days. On a somewhat tight budget as I am a college student, but I have worked a lot in the past to get some extra dough.

Anyways will be using this for school/future job in econ/finance, play starcraft 2/cod:bo on ultra/highest settings while streaming my games and also listening to music, taking it to lans/having it connected to projectors and hdmi tvs etc....

Any other components / hardware / software recommendations are highly welcome!

Wish List:

cpu: i5-2500k Sandy Bridge

gpu: ASUS radeon HD 6850

ssd: Corsair Force 120 gb

hd: Samsung 1 tb

ram: g.skill ripjaws x series 4 gb

psu: Antec Truepower 750w

mb: ASUS P8P67 LE lga 1155

os: Windows 7 Home Premium

case: coolmaster haf 922

What I like from this computer is the ability to upgrade cpu, gpu at later time, could add water cooling and more fans, and it's not top of the line but the best bang for my buck that I could find.

Already have a lg dvd drive and an audigy xfi xtreme music sound card, and getting new keyboard/mouse with the target / bb cards I got since mine have quite the finger gravy on them after a lot of years of usage, I have a couple of old school crt monitors, but looking to upgrade that at a later time.

(I doubt anyone is but)If anyone is looking for an xnavigator case, seagate~500gb hd, radeon x850 vid card, as rock 939 socket mb, 2gb of ram for very cheap just post up and we can get in contact

Any help appreciated!
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  1. looks real good to me... 2 things i'd debate:

    RAM - it's never been cheaper than it is now... so for ~$40 more - you can double up to 8GB... something that soon will be standard (and you'll be occupying only 2 slots if you get 8 now)

    2nd is the motherboard - nothing wrong with it - however you want the i5-2500K - which is an ''overclocker"... so (if) you're planning to do more than just a mild overclock... you may want a motherboard better suited... like 1 level up like the P8P67... or the Gigabyte P67-UD3P
  2. ^ Good suggestions there,...

    Here is a slight rebuild,...
    i5 + Sapphire HD 6850

    RAM + Mobo
    Corsair 4GB + MSI P67A-GD55

    RAM - 1 more stick for 8GB in total

    CASE - Check this one - Has good airflow and would be better suited for carrying around
    Thermaltake V5 Black Edition

    SSD - OCZ Vertex 2 3.5"

    HDD, OS - Same

    PSU - Antec TP 650 - It can easily handle 2x HD 6850s in Crossfire

    Total - ~$1164 not including rebates or shipping,...
  3. Hey thanks for the help guys, actually made my purchases before I saw your post gkay, but thanks for the tips anyways, I think I would probably have stuck with my build anyways from what I have been reading on other forums and benchmarks. And I guess the slightly higher price gives me slightly higher quality.... hopefully, and I really was debating the higher psu for days on end just for safety and the ability to add fans, drives, overclock, etc, and hopefully that will help me in the longer term, and people say that 4gb is the standard now, and I figure I can always stick a couple more in later if needed.


    Well I went with:
    cpu: i5-2500k Sandy Bridge

    gpu: ASUS radeon 6850

    ssd: corsair force 120 gb

    hd: samsung f3 1 tb

    mb: ASUS p8p67

    ram: kingston hyperx 4gb casl 7

    psu: antec tp 750w

    case: coolermaster haf 922

    os: windows 7 home premium

    For a total of $1221.75 including shipping
    And minus off the rebates ($80) for a total of $1141.75

    Anyways I'll let you guys know how this goes!

    Also not sure if it's allowed but since they link you guys here at tomshardware, here is another great resource with pages of opinions ands deals, rigs and such >
  4. I would beef up the GPU a bit and get an hd 6950 and bios flash it into an hd 6970 and leave the ssd for later as an upgrade
  5. concur with above advice....!
  6. also dont go with that antec PSU go for this PSU http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817207003 its only $10 and its modular and its 80 plus silver
  7. Since you went with a motherboard really only supporting one video card (second slot running at x4) there is no real reason to go with a 750W PSU.
  8. +1 ^ on the PSU /w that motherboard

    also 1 x 6850 really only requires a 450w PSU on the average system.. so a quality PSU (Corsair, SeaSonic, XFX, Antec) at ~500w will be more than enough
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