Graphic cards. help me please

I am simply fed up up from my LAGGING games and want to play them as they are meant to be played (Not a nVIDIA fanboy). I currently have nVIDIA 8400 GS.

Now when i look at choices available in market i am really really confused. But i shortened out the list of choices and finally i got the below 4 cards to buy from.

ATI radeon 5770
ATI radeon 5750
ATI radeon 4870

I will be gaming at 1440x900 Resolution and i am currently running----
C2D 7400 @2.8 GHz
500 WATT corsair PSU

I know nothing from above is a GREAT HIGH-END card but i have to buy something from this kind of budget only.

So help me out to sort out a good card for my PC. Also suggest any other good card in similar budget if i missed anything.

Thanks in Advance.......
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  1. Go for HD 5770 its a all most equal to HD 4870 and Much faster than GTS 450
    besdie HD5xxx Support Direct X 11 and uses low power than HD 4870
  2. I agree, a 5770 will be a perfect match for your 2.8GHZ C2D.
  3. Whatever card you get, it's still MUCH faster than 8400GS.
    GTS450 is a little slower than HD5770, so get that HD5770.
  4. HD 5770 cards have only two years warrenty.
    Zotac 450 have 5 years warrenty.
    Buy Zotac 450 AMP version, which is equal to HD 5770 in price and performance.


    AMD Phenom 550 (3.1) black edition / Gigabyte GA MA 78 us2h / 2x1 GB DDR2 800 RAM / 500 GB Seagate HDDs / coolermaster 500W PSU / Zotac GTS 450 1 GB DDR5 / 20" LG Monitor
  5. whats wrong with ATI? Been using them fine for over a year since I switched from a 8800GT
  6. While I am a resent ATI convert (been using Nvidia cards since the TNT2), I have been using AMD Cpus sience the original K6, and have never looked back. Sure you can spend more for a Intel/Nvidia for really no good reason...

    The 5770 is faster than the 450GTS, sucks in less power during load. The nvidia card can do physicsX, but the 450GTS alone is to weak to good physics in most games that offer it, so the point is moot.
  7. Quote:
    it's a matter of choice for me even though it has been tested and proven that Intel and nVidia is slightly a better pairing.
    ATi just has more offers in different price ranges..

    Any link to prove this thing.....
    THANKS!!! if you can get one
  8. Also i wanted to know about any possible bootlenecks or any other problems????
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