Best budget GPU compatible with a 375W Dell PSU?

Ok, i have a computer with a Core 2 Duo 6600 2.4 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and a 7950 GX2 along with a 375W PSU from Dell. And i am thinking of an upgrade, and i want a cheap, good GPU ( PCI Express) with low power supply requirements. I am got in mind the HD 5670, or a HD 5750, both the 1 GB versions.... But i am very open to anything you would recommend, i'd prefer NVIDIA but they seem to be more expensive and power hungry....So, i got a few questions that has to be answered before i decide wether im getting an upgrade or not;

* Will i get a noticeable performance increase?
* Will any of the 2 cards listed work on a 375 W Dell PSU? ( i am already running a GeFOrce 7950 GX2 1 GB, wich requires a PSU with a minimum rating of 400W)
* Are ATI 5-series less power hungry than NVIDIA Cards?
* How long will an upgrade last before it is "outdated"?
* Approximately how many FPS increase will i get? (if i get an increase at all, that is.)

The card is going to be mostly used for gaming, pretty heavy games like Crysis, CoD4 and i will be getting Crysis 2. And the card can't be very big, as i have not got alot of space in my computer... Although the 7950 GX2 is quite huge, i kind of want something a bit smaller, as my case is quite big but already completely STUFFED to the limit, and it has a fanless huge CPU cooler. :kaola:
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  1. oh yeah and BTW i get alot of crashes while playing GTA IV, and the 7950 GX2 has a few heat issues... But anyways, i run the Crysis demo on High and 1024x768 Resolution with about 30 FPS, and CoD4 on highest settings without shadows witha bout 20-40 FPS.
  2. eilif said:
    and it has a fanless huge CPU cooler. :kaola:

    Right in front of that heatsink is a 120x38 mm fan that can move air like a jet engine, so no, not a fanless cpu cooler.
    Pick a card, pretty much any card, that requires only a single 6 pin power connector.
  3. yes you will get noticeable performance increase , and HD 5750 is defiantly will run 100% on that PSU u mentioned
    the different between HD 5750 and 5670 is 25W :) . Max Power Draw for HD 5750 is 85W :)

    and its depends on the card but tier are much nvidia card than ati eats alot of power
    as for the upgrade , you should mention your monitor as well what res you playing with .
    FPS 35+ more depends on the game
  4. I got a 19 or 20" Dell monitor with 1680 x 1050 resolution... But i am not sure about the 6 pin connectors though... Do you know if the 7950 GX2 requires one? because if it does, i have one :D
  5. Yes it dose , but as for HD5670 its not requires one
    on this res , go for HD 5775 :) .
  6. Quote:
    do you have room for a dual slotted card.?

    The 7950 GX2 is a dual slot card
  7. The 7950 GX2 is a Dual-GPU card from 2006... and yeah it does have a huge fan in the front, wich obviously pump air into the heatsink... ( that's where all the noise came from!!! xD) But is the GTX 460 goint o be any better than the 5670 and the 5750, and will it run on a 375W PSU? I'd rather not go under the required PSU, but we got this computer from my mom's work and it came with the PSu, so it is obviously pretty underrated since it hasnt blown up yet. :)
  8. Not under-rated, properly rated by it's max continuous ouput.
    As much faith as I have in it, I believe that a GTX460 would be pushing a bit to hard.
  9. Yes, i think so too. Got any other ideas? I got about 200$
  10. eilif said:
    Yes, i think so too. Got any other ideas? I got about 200$

    Save up a little more money
  11. Quote:
    upgrade your RAM
    4GB(2x2GB) in dual channel mode.

    That and a GTS 450 with his budget.
  12. Since you have added you budget
    Go for GTX 460 1GB ver.
    More bandwidth The higher the memory bandwidth, the better the card will be able to handle large textures and anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering
    specially on your case ( 1680x1050 res) also helps on long term ;)

    but ,,,, unfortunately you will have to pay abit more says 50$ for the psu
  13. no im not actually on a budget, i just dont wanna spend more than 200$, but i can ofc spend more. Here in Norway, i can get a 630W SLI PSu for about 90 bucks, and 2 GB of RAM costs about 70 Bucks.... But my mom can get the RAM, as she thinks the computer is getting very slow.
  14. And for my confirmation this spring, i will be getting alot of money... Im quite sure i will get 1000$ +, and i want money fro christmas and for my b-day. So Money isnt actually a very big problem.. As i got around $1500 already xD
  15. then go as i said , and buy one of those 3D monitor and have fun
    Happy birth in advance ;)
    best regards dude
  16. Thanks alot... Although the 3d monitor + glasses costs about 500$ here..... And im not planning on using all my money! i hate Norway... everything is soo firetrucking expensive! Cars costs the double...
  17. Can anyone estimate approximately how much FPS im going to be able to run Crysis on Very high with 1280 res.?
  18. Or Far Cry 2

  19. And

    i will let you guessing about 1280x1024 res ;)
  20. All those cards are a bit expensive....
  21. aren't we talking about GTX 460 ?!!
  22. Yeah, but i'm not sure if my PSU is going to be strong enough, and besides it is quite a bit more expensive than the cards we started out with discussing.
  23. Hi I have a Dell Studio with 350w psu and it came with a 5770 and this card is a great budget card and with the i7 860 it scores 16450 in Futuremark 3DMark06. Also I play 90 percent of new games at 1920x1080 with little or no AA at decent fps 40 plus and if you would like a specific benchmark score or game fps just ask. One more thing I have zero crashes other than a couple just to desktop with Lost Planet 2! It's the only 5xxx card that AMD is going to keep on the market next year and continue to make driver improvements for the 5770! Less than $150.00 super low watt consup. etc!
  24. Yes, actually, i decided to get the 5770 instead. But i need money first :)
  25. Lol im not gett8ing a card until after christmas... But will any of these cards run on a 300W HP PSU along with a Core i3 530 2.93 GHz and 8 GB of RAM and a 750 Gb HD?
    I know HP PSU's are garbage, but.... Any chance?
  26. Got any suggestions? I won't bother to change my PSU
  27. No, it is a while until im actually ordering a card, but have you got any suyggestions???
  28. No, i got 2 computers. One with a 375 W Dell PSu along with a COre 2 Duo 6600, 2 GB of RAM and 7950 GX2, and another system, with a 300W Hp PSU along with a Core ie 530, 8 GB of RAM and a HD 5450... The HD 5450 is absolute garbage for gaming, i need to get it changed... Ive changed my mind and the priority is now the 300W Hp PSU
  29. gee is it so firetrucking hard to understand that i have two damn computers, with different powersupplies!!!!!!!??!?!?!??! i am now talking about the garbage 300W Hp psu, what is the gest GPU it can handle?????
  30. I have Dell Studio XPS that had a 5770 and 350w psu and ran great, but I decided to upgrade last week. I bought Thermaltake 600w psu and Pny GTX 470 and the upgrade was simple the only problem I had was the 470 is huge and power plugs are on the side and I had to move Hdd to upper empty bay and get longer sata cable. I recommend that you upgrade psu first, because with that psu the 5670 and maybe GTS 450 are the only cards I would put on 300w. I only paid $75 for my psu!
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