What is the best headset + soundcard for $250

Hey guys,
I need a new headset (my logitech G330s just snapped in half...) and I have been looking at getting a new set for some time now. The G330s were behind-the-head and open in design, I would like an over-the-head and closed design for my next set.
I am an audiophille and I want the best. That is the best for music, movies and video games. I want clear, rich sound and durability to last as many years as it can. I care only for good sound, though I do also need a microphone. If there is a set of headphones with a clip-on microphone seperately, I will consider that.

Things I have considered are:
Logitech G35
Plantronics GameCom 377
Razer Megalodon
Razer Carchais
SteelSeries 5Hv2
Roccat Kave
Sennheiser PC 330*
Sennheiser PC 350*
(*These are very expensive but I like and trust Sennheiser)

I am also considering investing in a soundcard. I live in Australia but am prepared to buy from overseas (like America). My budget is $250 (unless I choose Sennheiser then it goes to $300).

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  1. If you're looking for quality sound, go with Sennheisers IMO. I've never heard sound as accurate from other brands. I'm not sure if I'd recommend a sound card unless you need the additional ports and connections, onboard sound truly is just as good these days.
  2. If that is true, then I will stick with the onboard, and grab the Sennheisers. Question is, which one? I would personally prefer the PC350s but the PC330s would also be good and they are cheaper.

    With the onboard sound, which is better? USB or through the 3.5mm jacks? I have a little device that came with my G330s which will convert 2x3.5mm jacks (headphones + mic) into a USB connection, so I have the option of either.

  3. You know, I'm not entirely sure which is better, if any. I've always used 3.5mm jacks, and 3.5mm's and 1/4" jacks are the industry standard. I'd just go with that.
  4. Hmm. Ok. I use USB because the USB port is more conveniently located, though because I want to have a good 2.1 system as well for when multiple people are at the computer at the same time, I may need to use the 3.5mm jacks with an audio splitter.
  5. I mean, I don't know. Try them both and see if you notice a difference, I'm not sure.
  6. I have this:


    and this Sound card


    You have no idea how great these are, great bass, 5.1 surround sound. They have saved me from being flanked many times in COD:BO and BFBC2. They are absolutely (IMO) Fantastic. And the build quality, OMG, makes these easier to wear during prolonged usage. They aren't flimsy at all. These are really good, and I use them through toslink (Optical).
    Sound card is great also, supports true DDL and DTS, The Crystallizer is great for music, helps with clarity and the setup was a breeze in my opinion.

    This costs about $240, but I would only recommend this only if you game a lot, and watch movies, and are willing to shell out the cash.
    Check your sound card also, you may not need a new one.
    Hope this helps a bit :-)
  7. I am fairly sure that is the same soundcard as this one:
    From my local retailer.
    I understand they would be great quality but that is only to be expected from a $100 card. Is there another card (preferably from the same website as above) that is also good, but cheaper? Such as one of these:

    I am not sure about the headphones though. I would rather get good quality stereo headphones that are transportable than 5.1 headphones like that which need to be plugged into a bulky brick and an external PSU. I still like the concept of the Sennheiser PC 350s and I have found them on eBay at $113+$29 shipping.
  8. My brother has the Sennheiser PC 350 headphones, and they are fantastic. He plays on his laptop, so he needed something a bit more poratable. They are fantastic. That soundcard is the same i have, but in reallity if you want to purchase a audio card for the headset, go with the Asus Xonar, cheaper, and the whole card was built for headsets. But notice also that spdif only outputs 2 channel, and some people report it as not working at all (the spdif connection), but for those headphones, i would not sweat it.
  9. Cool.

    I have bought the headphones from eBay and am eagerly expecting their arrival. I will stick with onboard sound for now. I am planning a considerable upgrade to my computer (CPU, Mobo, RAM, GPU) and the new motherboard may have better onboard sound. That said, if I have left-over money in my budget, I will invest it in a sound card.

  10. ive been looking at headsets too. ive narrowed down to corsair hs1 or the medusa nx 5.1. idk if u looked at these, but they look promising from multiple reviews.
  11. The medusa is supposed to e of the best, though it is supposed to be really heavy, have 5 or 6 cables coming out of it (hence true 5.1) and require an external PSU. These are not the greatest if you want to be able to take them around or use them for extended periods of time.

    I have ordered the Sennheiser PC 350 headset off eBay and the seller says they should be with my by Friday, so I will post a review on them early next week.

    -(Excited) Klostera
  12. I have got the PC 350s and they are AWESOME :D
    I totally recommend them to anyone on the search for headphones.

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